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Illegal Charter Operations Know No Boundaries

May 25, 2021 15:05 | Anonymous

By Ryan Waguespack, Senior Vice President, National Air Transportation Association 

Business aviation stakeholders from across the globe agree that illegal charter operations significantly increase risk to passengers and can damage the reputation of our industry – collectively making this a priority issue. In response, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has continued its leadership in working to put an end to the pervasive problem of illegal charter operations through the formation of the Air Charter Safety Alliance. 

Alliance leaders also concur that, together, this global coalition will amplify existing efforts by NATA and others to raise awareness among potential customers, charter brokers, and national aviation authorities regarding the use of unauthorized aircraft operators for on-demand flights. Since the inception of its Illegal Charter Task Force in June of 2018, NATA staff has met with other associations, regulators, and members on this issue and has provided proven expertise, tools, and resources through its dedicated website – www.avoidillegalcharter.com, NATA has worked in coordination with the FAA to help develop and execute a comprehensive outreach strategy including webinars, social media messages, promotion of enforcement actions against illegal charter operations, advertisements, dissemination of guidance for pilots and passengers, and agency safety briefings. The Association is pleased with the progress that is being made through these efforts, but recognizes more must be done. 

Educated customers, in addition to access to tools that help identify illegal charter operations, will assist in dissuading those seeking to compromise safety for profit. Over the coming months, the Alliance will collect best practices from member associations to create an online platform to maximize the industry’s best tools and resources. The Alliance will also develop and promote several safety programs that assist on-demand charter operators, while continuing to improve their already impressive safety performance. Industry-led programs focusing on Safety Management Systems, flight data recording and safety reporting, along with a focus on safety culture, have aided in bringing greater value to charter operators. 

Ultimately, the success of NATA and the Air Charter Safety Alliance depends on every operator, aircraft owner, passenger, and governing entity, everywhere. Visit websites such as www.avoidillegalcharter.com to find out how you can do your part to stamp out illegal charter operations in North Dakota and elsewhere. 

If you suspect an illegal charter operation, please report it by calling the hotline (888) 759-3581 or by using the online reporting form at www.avoidillegalcharter.com. 

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