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Looking to the Next Horizon

February 08, 2021 14:03 | Anonymous

By Joshua Simmers, Secretary/Treasurer, North Dakota Pilot’s Association

I love a good book. Now, it doesn’t compete with a lived adventure, but I think it’s one good substitute. As each chapter closes, the page turns to endless possibilities. 

This is the last submission on behalf of the North Dakota Pilot’s Association (NDPA). The NDPA Board has carried the wishes of the membership to the North Dakota Aviation Association (NDAA) and has come to terms with high hopes of what the Association will offer; namely, a paid staff to coordinate meaningful value from membership. At the same rate, a greater body with which pilots can partner for fly-ins and safety seminars, and a managed scholarship fund.

At future non-pandemic impacted conventions, pilots should see little change, as our required business agenda can now cut straight to armchair flying and friendly banter. 

The estimated total of $12,100, NDPA’s projected remaining balance, will be donated to the FLY-ND scholarship fund for pilots. With continued donations, we can secure the minimum threshold to attain an annual $1,000 scholarship.

The minimum endowment to have a perpetual $1,000 award is $30,000. Just to put our gas money where our propeller spins, the board and other involved members have committed to $2,500. The reality is that we need to raise about $15,000 to secure that perpetual scholarship. That’s a challenge to you. If those of us on the board, paying mortgages and raising kids, can commit, so can you. So join us at www.fly-nd.com to get this scholarship fund underway. 

The NDPA had a good run from its inception in 1984 until now. While it isn’t fun to be at the helm of a closure, the board and the membership at large see the benefit of a larger, more capable organization and implore you to bring your membership forward with us to the NDAA. Honestly, it’s the same book, just a new chapter. 

Join us, it’s a formation flight. 

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