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NDAA (formerly North Dakota Aviation Council) has launched a new venture, FLY-ND, to raise awareness of the aviation industry and set the course for an amazing future in the skies!

To support these efforts, we have established the FLY-ND Scholarship Fund, managed by the North Dakota Community Foundation. The scholarship fund is designed to support aviation students pursuing careers within these fields:

Professional Pilot | Maintenance | Aerospace Engineering | Airport Management
Space Studies |Unmanned Aircraft Systems | Atmospheric Sciences | Avionics

We recognize the incredible economic impact our industry has on the state, but also see the challenges that lie ahead. Numerous studies have indicated considerable workforce shortages in many aerospace career fields, a stark reality we are already seeing in this industry today. Thus, our mission of student outreach, creating new aviation programs in schools, and developing the scholarship program are our highest priorities.

Endowed perpetual scholarships:

$30,000     =  $1,000 annual scholarship
$65,000     =  $2,500 annual scholarship
$100,000   =  $5,000 annual scholarship

Non-endowed named scholarships:

$1,050 = $1,000 one time scholarship
$2,600 = $2,500 one time scholarship

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