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Fargo Air Museum Summer Fun

August 09, 2021 12:00 | Anonymous

Hello! My name is Ryan Thayer and I am the Executive Director/CEO of the Fargo Air Museum (FAM). I have been part of aviation since birth, received my solo license at 16, and my private pilot’s license at 18 from the University of North Dakota, as well as an Entrepreneurship Degree. I have always been passionate about aviation and business and am thrilled to be able to pursue both of my passions at the Fargo Air Museum. 

This summer has been very busy and exciting with plenty of fun aviation activities in North Dakota. This summer, the Fargo Air Museum had the pleasure of attending the Grafton Fly-In. I highly recommend checking it out next summer. Andy and his crew at the airport and the local Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) chapter are very professional and throw a first class event. The day included a car show, aircraft fly-in, EAA Young Eagles Flights, and breakfast! 

The Fargo Air Museum also hosted its first fly-in this summer. The weather wasn’t completely cooperative at first in the morning, but it ended up being a beautiful day. We had a great turnout of Van’s RV’s and home built aircraft. Some of our local EAA volunteers did Young Eagles flights. Coffee and donuts were served for breakfast and pizza and soda for lunch! Stay tuned, we plan on hosting many more fly-ins in our future.

My involvement with our EAA Chapter 317 at the Fargo Air Museum has allowed me the opportunity to do over 25 Young Eagles Flights. We have a great group of pilots and volunteers that really make it all possible for the youth in our community. The Fargo Air Museum Young Eagles Day was a huge success, we had over 40 kids attend and five aircraft. There were many excited young faces when they left with a certificate in hand. 

A very unique experience this summer was a formation flight, from Moorhead Municipal Airport to Hector International Airport, with a Piper Malibu and a TIMM N2T! The TIMM does not have radios, so I was able to fly along for a flight of two over to Hector. The TIMM N2T is currently on display at the Fargo Air Museum. It is the first composite aircraft used by the U.S. Navy and is the only one in the world that is still airworthy and flying! Stop by and check it out, you may never get another chance to see this amazing plane.

Overall, it has been a full summer of flying and aviation events! Being part of the Hawley Flying Club has allowed me to fly two to five hours each month in the Warrior II! The Fargo Air Museum will be planning to attend more fly-in’s this summer, hosting another Young Eagles Day, and a Warbird fly-in this fall! I am very thankful for all our sponsors, donors, friends, staff, our Board of Directors, and the community.  We could not have a special place like the Fargo Air Museum without your support! So on behalf of myself and staff at the Fargo Air Museum, thank you and include a stop at the Fargo Air Museum this summer. 

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