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NDAA Executive Director’s Note: Spring Has Sprung!

May 18, 2022 17:01 | Anonymous

By The Staiger Consulting Group

This time of year always brings renewed optimism and excitement for me. The windows are open, the kids are outside until the last possible moment before bedtime, and I’m cleaning and organizing like crazy. With each new season, I always appreciate and reflect on how far I’ve come and how things transition with the changing of the seasons. 

We have now had a successful in-person Fly-ND Conference behind us, and meetings and events are returning to normal. I am reflecting on how wonderful it is to be together in person at a conference, at a family gathering, or a sporting event. This year’s Fly-ND Conference was held in Fargo, ND, at the Delta Hotel, and I was so excited to be together and interact with so many aviation people throughout the state. The sessions, exhibitors, and events were stellar. The site-committee and board of directors did a great job organizing and planning everything. 

One thing I did notice was the in-depth conversations I heard about or was privileged to participate. So many people were engaged and connecting at a deeper level with others in attendance. I’m not sure if you are noticing this too, but I’m seeing it in other places as well. Maybe in our post-pandemic world, we can more easily value the importance of these relationships, seize on, and appreciate the opportunities to be together in the same space. The Fly-ND Conference allowed us to do that and I can’t wait to see what our upcoming events hold too. 

The NDAA site committee is planning the August 19, 2022, Fly-ND Summerfest event, which will be held in conjunction with the airshow in Williston on August 20. The event will be the perfect occasion for fun, networking, and even more interactions with friends and colleagues. Details will be released soon, so mark your calendars and plan to attend. Heck, plan to stay for the weekend! 

We are also preparing for the next Career Expo on October 6, 2022, in Fargo, ND. This is a great opportunity to connect students and prospective employers in any sector of the aviation industry. If you haven’t had a chance to participate in past Career Expos, I encourage you to start now! There are many ways to participate. Sign up for a free booth and showcase your part of the industry, maybe volunteer to help organize or sponsor the event, or you can contribute to the scholarship program. We offer several scholarships that still need sponsors. Check out our website for more details:

It’s been fascinating to see how much has changed over the past few years and how we can accomplish things differently now. Our eyes have been opened to new ways of doing things and what is possible. We have been challenged to think outside the box, and it will be interesting to see what sticks and what carries forward into the next season for us, both personally and as an organization.

Just as I was working on this article, my cell and internet service mysteriously dropped. After my initial discomfort about being disconnected, I thought to myself, what perfect timing. This is the time to be fully present to what’s in front of me and what’s most important – like relationships, reaffirming our commitments, and finding our passions. Surprisingly, my disconnection led to more connections. So, welcome back; I look forward to reconnecting with many of you at one of the awesome upcoming Fly-ND events we are planning. I truly hope to see you there! 

Stacy & Mike Krumwiede


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