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Summer Fun

July 27, 2022 16:30 | Anonymous

Hello! My name is Ryan Thayer and I am the Executive Director/CEO of the Fargo Air Museum (FAM). I have been part of aviation since birth, received my solo license at 16, and my private pilot’s license at 18 from the University of North Dakota, as well as an Entrepreneurship Degree. I have always been passionate about aviation and business and am thrilled to be able to pursue both of my passions at the Fargo Air Museum.  

This summer has been very busy and exciting, with plenty of fun aviation activities in North Dakota. With the summer heat and bugs, there are a few things you can do to help keep your plane looking good and your flights safe. With all the bugs in North Dakota, it is important to keep your aircraft clean by removing bugs after each flight, especially the windscreen. Bugs and other contaminants can affect your aerodynamics and visibility the next time you fly, as well as being hard on your paint/clear coat. Consider some of the new products coming out to assist with repelling bugs and making cleaning easier, like professionally installed ceramic coatings. 

In addition to bugs, summer heat and humidity can drastically affect our aircraft. Make sure you are keeping track of the density altitude during these hot, humid summer days. Take offs at gross weight with high heat and humidity could add a significant amount of runway length needed for take off. Also, make sure you are planning for more time to climb and a reduction in power, especially in the smaller training aircraft like Warriors and 152/172’s, with lower power numbers to begin with. 

Overall, it has been a full summer of flying and aviation events! We look forward to seeing you in the air, at the Museum, or at some of our local fly in events! 

The Fargo Air Museum is planning to attend more fly-in’s this summer, host a Warbird fly in this fall with Young Eagles flights, and our Celebrity Dinner and Auction Fundraiser in September.  

I am very thankful for all our sponsors, donors, friends, staff, our Board of Directors and the community. We could not have a special place like the Fargo Air Museum without your support!  So on behalf of myself and staff at the Fargo Air Museum thank you and include a stop at the Fargo Air Museum this summer.  


​​The first picture is of Dick Springer›s (Honorary Board Member at the Fargo Air Museum) T-6 Texan. The second picture is of Kelly Perhus› (Board Member at the Fargo Air Museum) T-6 Harvard (Yellow T-6). The third picture is of Tim McPherson›s (Honorary Board Member of the Fargo Air Museum) P-51 Boomer. And lastly, I also included our Sponsorship Packet for our Fall Celebrity Dinner and Auction Fundraiser. Feel free to use as much of it as you would like. We appreciate all your support!!

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